What We Do

We work towards equality for all people.

We provide education and information to schools, businesses and professionals, about the rights, abilities, and strengths of people who have been negatively labelled with an intellectual disability. 

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We advocate through presentations, media, conferences, newsletters, and committees,

We partner with supporters like Community Living Peterborough, local committees, agencies, and media to advocate for change.

We network with other self-advocacy groups.

We are visible in our communities.

How We Do It

Members vote in a Board of Directors to fundraise, plan events, community relations, maintain partnerships, develop presentations, update social media, manage finances and coordinate Board Committees.


General Meetings are held once a month for all members.  At General Meetings we network and host a wide variety of guest speakers and educational workshops. 

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We are self-governing with support from Advisors and Community Living Peterborough.

We are self-supporting through fundraisers and membership dues.  We also have in-kind support from Community Living Peterborough.  Donations welcome.  Click Here 

Board of Directors






Newsletter Chair


Committees & Roles

Membership Committee

Newsletter Committee

Fundraising Committee

Conference Committee


Social Media Consultant